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Alana Maria - Wait/Pause (Ft. Cristale) [Official Video] 

Alana Maria, the rising R&B vocalist, has been gaining recognition for her soulful voice, emotive lyrics, and captivating stage presence. She seamlessly combines the classic R&B sound with contemporary influences, making her one of the most exciting new talents in the music industry.

Growing up in London, Alana Maria's love for music was apparent at a young age. She honed her craft by writing and performing in local talent shows, earning recognition for her exceptional vocal ability and songwriting skills. Her unwavering passion for music led her to pursue a career in the industry, working tirelessly to turn her dreams into a reality.

Make your event unforgettable with the captivating voice and emotive lyrics of rising R&B star, Alana Maria.

Alana Maria's breakthrough came with her debut single, "Be the One," which garnered significant attention and built her a loyal following. She has since released multiple critically acclaimed singles, including "Higher" and "Right Here," which have cemented her status as a rising star in the R&B world.

As a seasoned performer, Alana Maria has graced the stages of some of the UK's most prestigious music venues and festivals, such as the O2 Academy and the Wireless Festival. Her live performances showcase her exceptional talent and unique ability to connect with audiences on a deep and emotional level.

Alana Marie

Alana Maria's music is deeply personal, with lyrics inspired by her own experiences, creating relatable and empowering songs. Her soulful voice brings an authenticity and rawness to each track, often touching on themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

The future is bright for Alana Maria, and she is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the R&B scene. Her unparalleled talent, dedication, and passion for music make her stand out from the rest, moving and inspiring audiences worldwide. Book Alana Maria for your next event to experience the magic of her soulful R&B music firsthand

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