Andy Blackaby-Iles

90s R&B

Andy Blackaby-Iles, an innate performer, has enraptured audiences with his engrossing and interactive presentations for over ten years. As a professional vocalist and guitarist from 2012 onwards, Andy has graced events throughout Buckinghamshire and the Southeast with his singular amalgamation of skill and dynamism.

Having a background in classical and theatrical singing, in addition to a fervor for rock and folk music, Andy has the ability to fabricate the consummate entertainment experience for any affair.

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Whether one is hosting a children's party, an intimate gathering, or a corporate event, Andy's infinite vivacity and versatility make him the epitome of choice for any occasion.

As a host of children's parties, Andy brings a feeling of enjoyment and excitement that is beloved by kids and adults alike. He keeps the festivities rolling with interactive games, sing-alongs, and an array of enjoyable activities that capture everyone's attention and keep them entertained. And as a vocalist and guitarist for private gatherings and corporate events, Andy delivers a polished and professional performance that is bound to make an impression.

Andy Blackaby-Iles

With his infectious character and instinctive stage presence, Andy Blackaby-Iles is the ultimate pick for anyone in search of exceptional entertainment that will leave them with memories that will last a lifetime and a smile on their face.

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