Gennaro Acciarino

Flamenco | Blues | Funk | Folk Guitarist

Gennaro Acciarino

Gennaro Acciarino, a virtuoso guitarist with an ingenious mind, has pioneered a novel form of classical guitar. His exceptional music amalgamates a plethora of genres, such as flamenco, rumba, blues, rock, psychedelic, and Middle Eastern music. The amalgamation of these genres produces a forceful and expressive sound that captivates the hearts of all listeners.

Get ready for a unique and visceral guitar experience with Gennaro Acciarino's dynamic performances.

From a tender age, Gennaro's passion for guitar burgeoned, and he honed his skills in electric and acoustic guitar at a prestigious college in Rome, Italy. His tutor was none other than Rodolfo Maltese, the renowned progressive rock and jazz guitarist. In Manchester, England, Gennaro was introduced to the music of the legendary guitarist Paco de Lucia, whose style influenced Gennaro's music profoundly.

Having organized and performed in funk rock jam sessions in northern England, Gennaro's curiosity impelled him to travel throughout Europe, performing at gigs and collaborating with artists and musicians from diverse cultures. The experience of learning new styles, including nylon strings and Gypsy music genres, along with life-changing experiences, ignited Gennaro's creative spirit, leading to his unique, visceral guitar style.

Gennaro Acciarino

Gennaro's performances are an enchanting and captivating experience. His solo guitar project manifests his incredible talent and his aptitude to amalgamate ancient techniques with modern guitar styles. He is presently performing in England and working on his eagerly anticipated debut album.

Engaging Gennaro Acciarino for your event is a remarkable way to add a touch of musical brilliance to your occasion. His innovative blend of flamenco, blues, funk, folk, and other genres will leave your audience mesmerized and craving for more. Book him now and experience the pharical magic of Gennaro's guitar.

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