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LVT, an artist born in Zimbabwe, has demonstrated her versatility as a DJ, rapper, singer, and songwriter. Her music is a fiery and dynamic portrayal of her raw and genuine experiences, as she has had to be bold in her expression. Through various genres like hip hop, R&B, chopper rap, and underground hip hop, she conveys her emotions and tells her story.

Music has been an integral aspect of LVT's life since her early years. Her passion for singing was discovered when she was just five or six years old, as her late grandfather encouraged her to sing in his church. She found inspiration in Lil Wayne's music and fell in love with it. Her family was musically inclined, participating in choir competitions, and her late aunt's voice was beyond compare.

Explosive, Energetic, Relatable, and Real: LVT's Music is a Must-Hear Experience!

At the age of 18, LVT moved out of her mother's house to attend university. She began posting covers on Instagram and overcame her fear of rejection through the support of her father. She released her first single and graduated with first-class honors in business information technology from Birmingham City University. Her graduation anthem for all graduates received 15K streams and garnered attention from blogs like Almondsprestige, 24hiphop, and Niji Magazine, which helped her gain an international following.

LVT's ultimate goal is to become the most prominent and exceptional rapper and singer globally, breaking records and making history. She possesses a strong work ethic and persistently knocks on doors with her music, which has been featured on P110, Linkup Tv, and HardestBars. She has been played and interviewed on BBC Introducing East Midlands by Dean Jackson and Aminata Kamara, of which she was the artist of the week. Radio2funky, Eava Fm, and Leicester Community Radios have repeatedly played her music, and she has her radio show with Radio2funky.


LVT has performed at live events and open mic nights at the 2 Funky Music Cafe and at the Festival2Funky and Glastonblaby Festival in Leicester, building a fanbase outside of Leicester in London and Manchester. Her music journey is relatable, enjoyable, energetic, and authentic, just like her personality. She is versatile, and so is her music. Despite her success, she prefers to maintain her privacy and is working on improving her patience, which is also her mother's name.

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